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Gandhi was a scion of the politically valuable Nehru–Gandhi family, which have been related with the Indian National Congress birthday party. For much of his early life, his maternal grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru was Prime Minister. Gandhi attended faculty within the United Kingdom. He lower back to India in 1966 and became knowledgeable pilot for the state owned Indian Airlines. In 1968 he married Sonia Gandhi; the couple settled in Delhi to a home life with their babies Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. For much of the Seventies, his mother Indira Gandhi was best minister and his brother Sanjay Gandhi in advance Sanjay an MP; despite this, Rajiv Gandhi remained apolitical. She still ends up marrying the Lord of the Castle of Otranto at long last Theodore, not Manfred, and assumes the role of wife and, possibly, mother, as per the expectations of society. The marriage is unhappy. Matilda, for her defiance, is punished with loss of life, and that, too, of a most ignominous kind: she is mistaken for Theodore and murdered; her dying is not even her own. In this way, her life, expertise, her very identification, are endlessly silenced. What is more, although patriarchal rule is disturbed during this tale, even endangered, it isn’t destroyed. The control over the citadel conveniently shifts from one man Manfred to a higher Theodore.