Consumer Confusion Finance Assignment Help

com, wordpress. com?or any other blogging platform – blogs are only as bad as those content farms…Google have pointed out that they want first-class content – so why punish a complete site simply as a result of some of the content is pure – each article / piece of content material could be judged similarly – not as it occurs to be published on Squidoo, Xomba etc. None of the websites I block have content material that I want to see. There are some blogspot and wordpress websites I want to see, so I don’t block them. Blogs aren’t just as bad, there are lots of bloggers accessible who aren’t writing spam articles for SEO juice. funny as a result of half of the listed site above are article submission sites. Does that sound approximately right?5. Also, how do you believe AIM might work when you are buying an asset/sector it is down 80% or so from it’s peak?Such as GreeceGREK or the Junior MinersGDXJ. At least they are not unmarried shares so “hopefully” might not go to zero. There’s some historic evidence of good 3 year returns when buying a sector/industry/country down 80% from it’s peak. Hi Arosss11, there were a couple of approaches to reducing the opportunity of hard you money. One I be aware was called “half approach to the wall” or anything like that.