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Purpose – This chapter examines the extent to which ethical issues are included in accounting education at a university in a developing nation. At instances, as proven by the Enron and Arthur Andersen scandal, incorrect decisions are made. To sum up, the importance of ethics in accounting can’t be restless sufficient, as ethical criteria lay the basis for which all the industry needs to be held accountable to and thrive upon. Codes of ethics are crucial when you consider that they implicitly set limits for unethical behaviour and are intended to be offering advice in ambiguous circumstances. Accounting is the spine of any association. Welcome to the Web site for Ethics in Accounting: A Decision Making Approach, 1st Edition by Gordon Klein. Aaron, T. E. Mann and T. Taylor eds. , Values and Public Policy. Washington D. Microfinance Company is a Financial Services Provider Company that adds offering loans, accepting deposits, giving cash advances, leasing, hiring purchase, etc. The working and operating of NBFCs are regulated by the Reserve Bank of India RBI inside of the framework of the Reserve Bank of India. RBI Stated that any agency which intends to be registered as NBFC should obtain a certificate of registration from the Reserve Bank of India and it should have a Net Owned Funds of ₹ 2Crore. To Apply for NBFC License, an application with requisite attachments is needed to be made to RBI. The Reserve Bank of India RBI in 2015 issued a master round RBI/2015 16/11 for non banking financial businesses NBFC auditors record course 2008. The objective of an audit of economic statements is to allow the auditor to express an opinion whether the economic statements of the NBFC.