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This will help you modify for less common but bigger buy signals. One thing I am gambling round with is without difficulty adjusting portfolio handle by the % of cash in the portfolio. When cash is low you’ll alter PC less, when you have a lot of cash you could augment PC more than 50%. Give some of these concepts a run via your back test and post your consequences. Hi elcoincollector, you are correct, with the industry at these lofty degrees I does not allocate greater than 50% of my cash into a brand new AIM account. Hi dburkeaz, Didn’t think about it that way however it makes best sense. The objective is sound and clean unfreeze level. Implementation of adjustments, corresponding to instruction on attending the education without dressed in uniforms, non-public goal surroundings and strain coping all the way through the transition level transition degree. For the refreeze stage, employment policies were changed to suit the tradition modification and bonuses as much as 20% of profits was announced to rejoice the success Grugulis and Wilkinson 2002. On any other hand, Kodak, one essentially the most beneficial brands in the world at its peak is bankrupt as a result of its immune to change Dan 2012. Kodak’s corporate tradition believes that its manufacturer and advertising were the strength of the association. Moreover, poor modification control and lack of ability to verify its own problem had hindered Kodak to maneuver into the digital world fast sufficient Kotter International 2012.