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R. Jayewardene, in Colombo on 29 July 1987. The very next day, on 30 July 1987, Rajiv Gandhi was assaulted on the head with a rifle butt by a tender Sinhalese naval cadet named Vijayamunige Rohana de Silva, even as receiving the honour look after. The intended assault at the back of Rajiv Gandhi’s head however glanced off his shoulder. Though the embarrassed Sri Lankan President Junius Richard Jayewardene originally attempted to pass off the bizarre attack as “Rajiv tripped a bit and somewhat lost his stability”, Rajiv Gandhi whilst en course to New Delhi asserted to J. N. He was appearing as if he was ideal and was God’s gift to the culinary international. He couldn’t take any grievance or suggestions and was too crammed with himself. He was so confident in his capabilities that he satisfied his then destiny father in law to fund his dream eating place. He in no way even worked in a restaurant himself. The only experience he had was in culinary school. The eating place was customary for its early bird special, and the reasonable price and good parts attracted numerous senior residents who took benefit of this magnificent be offering.