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In the event that a significant variety of states refuse to let secondary tradingin our average stock, the marketplace for the common stock can be restricted which may force down the industry price of our average stockand reduce the liquidity of the stocks of our common inventory and a stockholder’s capability to resell stocks of our common stockat all or at present marketplace fees, which could augment a stockholder’s risk of dropping some or all of his investment. Blue sky laws may restrict your ability to sell your stocks. If the state laws are not followed, you usually are not able to sell your shares and you’ll lose your investmentState Blue Sky laws may limit resaleof the Shares. The holders of our stocks of common stock and persons who need to purchase them in any buying and selling market that mightdevelop in the future deserve to remember that there can be giant state law restrictions upon the ability of investors to resellour shares. Accordingly, even supposing we are a success in having the Shares available for quoting on the OTCBB, buyers need to considerany secondary marketplace for the Company’s securities to be restricted. We intend to hunt coverage and publication of guidance regardingthe Company in an accredited booklet which permits a “manual exemption”.