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Arguments over no matter if astrology had a systematic base, led the Muslims to disbelieve in it. There were also other religious reasons for which the Muslims refused to accept astrology as a science. The Hindu astrology dates back to the Mauryan period. It is referred to as Jyotisha and is divided into 3 branches, namely Siddhanta, Hora, and Samhita. The traditional Indian astronomy is referred to as Siddhanta, while Hora is predictive astrology, that’s based on the analysis of natal horoscopes. The predictions of essential pursuits such as the prevalence of natural calamities or activities in fields of the country’s finance and politics, are categorized under Samhita. Mainly intended to carry out data processing, it also helps established programming and recursion. It is a procedural programming language that was used in coaching desktop programming in Soviet colleges. Developed within the USSR, firstly this language had Russian based keywords. English key phrases were integrated later. This programming language is used for enterprise purposes. It is available with the IBM’s System I midrange computers. Jim Parker, the CEO of Southwest Airlines during the 9/11 tragedies, insisted not to lay off or cut the personnel’ pay. Instead, the company agreed on the fee of employee profit sharing plan of $179 million despite the airline industry was badly broken. He states that the fulfillment of the business depends upon the employees’ willingness to work in combination against a common goal, in its place of specializing in completing their very own jobs Glynn 2014. Starbucks is easily usual for their spectacular remedy of their employees. Even the part time personnel are offered insurance. Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, flew to D.