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In soul centered astrology, the ASCENDANT indicates the soul’s purpose in physical incarnation. LIBRA ASCENDANT displays that the soul is to be activated in the course of the 3rd RAY of Active Intelligence and the 7th RAY of Ceremonial Order and Magic. LIBRA ASCENDANT is to infuse his actions toward right human relations and international relations with the divine intelligence 3rd RAY. LIBRA ASCENDANT is to use the 7th RAY energies to create social structures that advantage humanity. His religious evolution unfolds through the interaction of interpersonal dynamics. Relationships are of basic importance to his soul’s boom. , patrons develop into more superior buyer, purchases on credit has played an immense role in flourishing the bank card industry and this has resulted in entrance of many retail retail outlets and financial establishments in this new phase. Credit card usage has risen with the passage of time as a result of consumers opt to buy increasingly of the commodities to have greatest utility from them and credit card issuing bodies have also played a significant role in helping consumers to conscious them and making them move against achieving this utility. Previously a handful variety of americans in each and every nation knew about credits cards and its usage but by the time individuals realized its importance and comfort they moved their consideration against facilitating their expenditure by using credit cards, this will also be substantiated by USA 1999 statistics which show that over one trillion dollars transaction were recorded in that latest economic year. Credit card is more of a resource of borrowing an incentives associated with its usage as opposed to a mode of charge. 3. 3 ELECTRONIC PAYMENTSAccording to report published by state Bank of Pakistan, in the latest Fiscal year FY10 of Pakistan a rising flow is constantly seen in both cost and volume of Electronic payments.