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1 Organizational commitmentAllen and Meyer 1990 define organizational dedication as ‘a psychological state that binds the individual to the association’. They also describe organizational dedication using a 3 dimensional concept. The first is the affective dedication which in keeping with them ‘refers back to the employee’s emotional attachment to, identity with, and involvement within the organization’ whilst ‘the continuance commitment refers to an awareness of the expenses associated with leaving the association’ Meyer and Allen 1991. The 3rd is the normative commitment which ‘reflects a feeling of obligation to proceed employment’ Meyer and Allen 1991. The existence of the 3 dimensional concept has been confirmed by some authors. According to Perry and Wise 1990, the affective and continuance dedication are crucial points of the dedication of public employees. , which homes 23% of all ALFs in the country. The style of retirees moving to the Sunbelt region of the U. S. is expected to spur further boom for this industry during this vicinity. 1There are an predicted 30,000 ALFs within the U. S. awsdns 10. org. awsdns hostmaster. amazon. com. 1 7200 900 1209600 86400txt:”google site verification=Tk7KATRG2MB2xFYpBj3NRPnpi uka0aWOVGVqbytK1s””v=spf1 ip4:50.