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One instance is fundraisers. The median pay for fundraisers is $52,430 per year, $25. 21 per hour. However, the job outlook is for 9% growth among 2014 and 2024, nonetheless above average. The BLS puts fundraisers in the “Business and Financial” category, but many fundraisers don’t have a finance diploma. That may be one of the purposes for the cut pay. Later in the book it discusses how to preserve your self from Dracula and different vampires by the ownership of a crucifix or almost any consecrated item from the Christian faith can be used to save you from the assault or presence of a vampire. Another example of one of the superstitious acts is later within the book when Van Helsing uses a Host to stay away from Dracula from coming into his coffin or when he makes a “Holy Circle” with the Hosts to keep vampires out and to maintain Mina safe. All of those are examples through which some bureaucracy of Christian ideals are used to steer clear of the attack of Dracula. Dracula has a couple of powers that the Christian’s believe no one but God may handle. For example, Dracula can handle the weather, wild, or unclean animals, he can change form, and has the energy of necromancy. Christians trust that ingesting God’s body and blood will give them eternal life with God in heaven, Dracula is remaining undead, or nosferatu, by consuming the blood of the living to continue to exist and to build his energy.